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We, at SMARTLOGIK, are a premier consultant focused on providing labor supply and skilled & unskilled workers to our esteemed clients. Our Manpower Supply services have helped countless recruiters find the right candidate for the position. We strive hard to help our clients save their time, energy and money. Thanks to our highly-skilled and experienced team of professionals, we have emerged as one of the finest Kolkata-based company in the field of manpower supply.

In this new and competitive era, we have helped innumerable companies and organizations maintain a regular pace with a steady supply of qualified and vetted manpower. We specialize in supplying manpower contractor, labour, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers and so on. Our entire staff is well-versed to handle any kind of situation and you can count upon our full support at every step of the way.

As one of the leading manpower supply agencies in Kolkata, India, we are engaged in selecting, interviewing, training and employing all types of executives. From middle management staff to junior level staff, corporate houses can rely on our expertise and experience. We conduct thorough screening sessions to make sure that the candidates match the requirements of our clients. Our recruitment team consists of some of the most dynamic and ardent professionals who are committed to their job and do not settle for anything less. They share your passion and will make an honest effort to understand your vision. We also carry a huge database of workers, labourers, skilled and unskilled labourers to fulfill industrial, commercial, housing and security requirements.

Our expertise does not only lie in helping Indian companies gain access to well-qualified manpower, but we also conduct employment bureau to supply manpower abroad. Our fierce commitment to always offer the highest level of services is what separates us from the rest of the manpower supply agencies in India. We have laid down a stringent recruitment process to ensure our clients quality manpower. Our constant hard work and commitment reinforces our seriousness towards upholding exceptional quality standards of our services. By joining hands with us, small to large business organizations in any sector can be rest assured of quick turnaround time. Our result-driven services will not leave you disappointed.

At SMARTLOGIK, we have a track record of supplying exceptional quality manpower to various sectors including Gas, Oil, Real Estate, IT Software, Banking and more. The cost-effectiveness of our services is what makes us all the more appealing to potential recruiters. We, at SMARTLOGIK, leverage our years of expertise in the manpower supply industry to offer you with bespoke services. Our team of consultants will first try to understand what your exact needs are and if you have any candidate preference or special skills that you are looking for. Based on your precise requirements, we will match our database of applicants, conduct thorough interview sessions and refer them to you. Our only aim is to make recruiting an extremely easy, effortless and convenient process for you. For more information on how our manpower supply services can help your organization, call us.










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