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SMARTLOGIK is a leading placement agency in Kolkata, India established to bridge the gap between specialty sectors that are manpower starved and respective manpower hungry for opportunities. We basically strive to function like intermediaries connecting the right candidates with the right kind of employers. Thanks to our consistent, radical and innovative approaches, we have come to be well-known for our excellent placement services. Both recruiters and job-seekers alike are highly dependent on our quality services.

Although we are based in India with our headquarters in Kolkata, our hard work and integrity has helped as emerged as a globally renowned placement agency. This is mainly due to our commitment to supply manpower not just domestically, but also abroad. Through the years, we have come to be known as the most competent and dependable recruitment agency. We have a proven track record of helping countless number of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers, contract labourers, senior to mid-level manager and other executives find their dream job.

At SMARTLOGIK, we work with an unparalleled team of recruitment and HR professionals who have years of experience and expertise in vetting, interviewing and matching the right candidate with the vacant job positions. Our team works exceptionally hard to help job-seekers find the job of their choice and according to their skill-sets. As a part of our placement services, we even help prepare candidates for their interview with the potential employers. Sometimes we go the extra mile to assist candidates with creating their resume to groom their personality. Our ultimate aim is to make sure that interested candidates are placed in the job of their choice and the job role and responsibilities are at par with their education, qualifications and salary expectations.

We, at SMARTLOGIK, offer placement services that are completely centered on the employers and interested candidates. We act like the representative of both the parties and do everything in our power to match the ideal candidate with jobs that they are interested in. Owing to our huge database of candidates, we never fail to meet the manpower requirements of different industries including IT software, Gas, Real Estate, Oil and more. While we guarantee a competitive advantage to our clients through our peerless manpower and placement solutions, we concurrently give great value to the aspirations and career goals of our candidates. We make sure that candidates are always in good hands, especially those new in the professional field. It is this resolute drive that has helped us become an incomparable name in the industry.

At SMARTLOGIK, we have a record number of recruitment in India and abroad. The style and system of recruitment that we carry out are highly appreciated by many. Our success rate of matching the right candidate with the right job is exceptionally high. By adopting newer and innovative technologies, we are constantly trying to adapt to the changing market times and serve both our clients and candidates better. Clients can avail our placement services to end manpower starvation and candidates can find their dream job through us. To join hands, give us a call today!










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